Marketing For Pets


Today is national puppy day a day created in part to help encourage the adoption of pets from shelters.

Gifted students at West Wortham Middle School are doing *their* part to help animals at the humane society find their forever homes.
This morning students were taking photographs of some of the furry friends at the Humane Society.
They will take the photo files back to school to design and print posters that promote pet adoption in our community.

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“Many of the animals here, they don’t get the chance to get a family and I think that they should because everyone deserves a chance.”
– Devlin Sage 7th Grader, West Wortham Middle School

“I am hoping that some of these animals get adopted so they get a family that will care for them. I think a good picture would try an capture how good they actually look and how they are.”
– Aiden Stepro 7th Grader, West Wortham Middle School

In addition to the puppy photoshoots, students also made homemade peanut butter ice treats for the animals.