03/21 Ryan’s “Sunny & Clear” Tuesday Forecast


While we did see some fog development overnight last night, this afternoon was sunny & clear! Temperatures did return to the low 80s today, with slightly warmer areas inland, though high pressure just to the South is keeping skies clear. Tonight will be similar to last night, with warm & humid conditions and early morning fog development, and a slight increase in cloud cover. Wednesday’s weather will be nearly identical to this afternoon, with the exception of a few more afternoon clouds. These consistent, benign conditions will continue through the rest of the work week, though showers and thunderstorms look ready to move in for the weekend.

By Friday afternoon, a new frontal system will have moved down from the Rockies and will begin pushing a cold front through central Texas. By Friday evening, expect to see an increase in clouds and a few showers nearby, though I’m not expecting much rain along coastal Mississippi until Saturday. This system will create some potentially strong storms due to upper level features and strong southerly winds, though by the time the front arrives in South MS it should be weakened considerably. We’ll continue to monitor this system’s development in the coming days.

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