Elderly woman causes three car crash


The elderly woman who crashed her car into two buildings after barely dodging traffic on Pass Road in Gulfport managed to come out of the accident without serious injuries. The only other passenger in one of the three cars involved in this morning’s crash was her dog.
The dog named Annie was the only passenger along for a scary ride Monday morning. An 81-year-old woman lost control of her vehicle, slamming into a business and crashing into a townhome on Pass Road. It all unfolded steps away from Gulfport resident Deandre Farrley’s front door. “She thought she had it in park or something, but when she hit that gas it came from over there. Thank God she didn’t hit the trees.”
Before the car hit the townhome, surveillance video from Tiger Rock Martial Arts shows her car pushing another vehicle straight into Tiger Rock. Tiger Rock Owner Joe Calhoun was inside with a student when he heard a bang. “And then we saw J.R., my student’s truck lurch forward into my building.”
The driver high-tailed it in reverse across Pass Road, managing to dodge incoming cars from all four lanes. “She missed that truck by just a little bit and went right between two huge oak trees,” said Calhoun.
The woman’s car rammed right through a Tropical Cove townhome. Calhoun called Gulfport Police and fire crews and AMR rushed to the scene. “It’s a miracle she didn’t hit anyone else. I was quite surprised.”
The driver was taken to the hospital. Police say the crash was caused because the woman had a medical issue while driving. Sergeant Joshua Bromen said, “As we get older, it’s important to remember to check our loved ones out. ‘Hey, should you still be driving’ because a lot of times that’s difficult to lose that freedom.”
Calhoun already has the wall patched up and plans to have it fully fixed Tuesday. He says he’s just happy that nobody was severely hurt in the accident. “Mine’s just building damage. I can replace that and get it repaired, not a problem, a little blip on the radar.”