Harrison County Fair To Return This Year


For the first time decades, the Harrison County Fair made its return to the fairgrounds last year, and this fall it will be back.
This morning the Harrison County Fair association announced the fair will be held September 6th through the 10th.
The association expected about 10 thousand people would attend last year.
By fair’s end, over 50 thousand people had traveled out to the fairgrounds in north Gulfport.
Popular events from last year will return…like the rodeo and an entire day devoted to honoring the men and women who fought for our country

“It does not cost the public anything to enter. It does not coast the public anything to park. You have not spent a single dime until you get on the grounds and you want to participate in great food, rides, rodeo, and entertainment. We’ll have free jump houses. Not everything is a fee.”
– Carrie Cole, Harrison County Fair Association President

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The rodeo at last year’s fair was received the 2016 new rodeo award as last year’s best new rodeo by TNT Rodeo Association.