CoastCon 40th Anniversary


This weekend Coast-Con opened their doors for lovers of science fiction and all things fantasy.

Our own Hank Davis was there, and shows us what the long running convention has to offer.

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Some of the most powerful empires in history have risen and fallen from glory in less time than Coastcon has been around. The Biloxi based Sci-Fi, fantasy convention celebrated its 40th birthday this weekend.

“It’s our 40th anniversary this year and we are so excited that we’ve been bringing fandom and geek culture and nerd culture to the Gulf Coast”
– Karen Lewis Coast Con

It’s a unique event, with well documented history, and Frank Schiavo has been there since there very beginning.. CoastCon 1, back in 1977.

“There were long years where this was the only place before the internet or Ebay or Amazon where fans would spend their whole year saving their cash to come here to purchase those items.. That cool swag.”
– Frank Schiavo CoastCon Historian

And now with comic book heroes and fantasy masterpieces on the silver screen, what many once considered to be “Nerd Culture” becoming more mainstream by day, cons are bigger than ever.

“Joining me now, silent bob!… What’s it all about?”
– Hank Davis & Special Guest Silent Bob News 25 @wxxvhank

“There’s lots of different things and everybody.. Like you might see some of your friends that like science fiction too.”

“It’s cool to talk to each other, cause you see something and you’re like oh man.. I like that thing too, I don’t know anybody else who does”

“Nobody really judges us, it’s a chance where we can just be ourselves and we don’t have to worry about that whole society rule.”

With a large, loyal base of fans returning every year, and a growing crowd at each new convention, it’s likely that CoastCon will be celebrating half a century in Biloxi, in a decade.

“I guess the idea is that everybody that comes here considers this group of people a family, for various reasons.. its a labor of love.”
– Frank Schiavo CoastCon Historian

In Harrison County, Hank Davis News 25.”