Hotels are already booked for Black Beach Weekend


Spring Break is a popular time here on the Coast. Tickets are already selling out for concerts and some hotels are completely booked for Biloxi’s Black Spring Break Weekend.
The streets of Beach Boulevard may be clear right now, but April 7th to the 9th more than 30,000 people are expected to fill the beaches of Biloxi for Black Spring Break Weekend.
There will be so many spring breakers that some Coast residents like Corderos Keys and his family from Gulfport decide to stay in to beat the crowds. “It’ll be jam packed. It’s fun. It’s something young people like to do.”
Over 10,000 tickets were sold for a show at the Coast Coliseum last year, where most of the big weekend’s events take place, and event holders say tickets are tracking at the same speed as 2016. Coast Coliseum Executive Director Matt McDonnell said, “The Saturday evening function will be the biggest. During the day we’ll have several thousand people on the grounds during the day. Friday night we could have a thousand, 1,500 people.”
The Bay Front Inn Hotel is one of the Biloxi hotels that are completely booked for Black Spring Break. Bay Front Inn Front Desk Clerk Tonya Slesman said, “Started getting calls right after Thanksgiving.”
The weekend brings visitors from all over the nation who will be spending money on the Coast and asking where the hot spots are to go. “What’s the best casino? Which ones are the loosest casinos? I’ve even had a few ask me about fishing,” said Slesman.
A lot of the hotels have pamphlets that feature all kinds of tourist attractions and things for visitors to do like Biloxi Beach Jet Ski rentals. They’re already started to set up this week because they plan to open this Saturday. “We have a lot of new restaurants coming up. We have FunTime and Margaritaville that just came up. We have a lot of new things for them to come out and see. Every year it’s building up and the Gulf Coast can use the money,” said Slesman.