Could There be a tech boom in Biloxi?


There’s a chance that Biloxi could see big money in the future as Mayor Andrew ‘FoFo’ Gilich made a special presentation to City Council members this afternoon. The mayor pitched a partnership that may lead to hundreds of jobs in the cyber security and technology industries.
In an attempt to bring a more diverse future to the industry of Biloxi, Mayor Andrew ‘FoFo’ Gilich called a special meeting with the City Council, as well as representatives from tech and cyber security corporations to discuss the possibility of turning Biloxi into the next Silicon Valley.
In a unique proposition, Gilich wants the city to request state legislation to allow the formation of a non-profit between the city and these tech companies, giving Biloxi leverage when it comes to the direction of business operations. Mayor Gilich said, “It’s the leading edge, cutting edge kinds of technology that we’re going to manufacture as well as implement across the country and there’s some of these folks that have a number of patents and bring a whole lot of science to the ball game.”
Glen Palmer with Lifesafe + said, “Everybody these days carries a credit card or they also carry a smart phone. Today security is a mandate because hardly a day goes by without someone announcing that they’ve had a problem with identity theft, identity fraud, hackers.”
After council members heard out the pitch from Mayor Gilich and the business representatives there was some hesitation and uncertainty regarding the proposed partnership. Ward 4 Councilman Robert Deming said, “There’s a bunch of ifs and coulds and it’s a huge risk in my opinion. What we’re essentially doing is becoming the shark tank of Biloxi with this non-profit.”
Gerald Blessey with the City of Biloxi said, “We’re not asking you to take any risk. We’re asking you to consider adopting a law that will give you the opportunity to take a risk.”
Eventually the vote passed 7-0 and Biloxi will request the authority to establish that non-profit. This is all still tentative, but just maybe the next big business boom will happen right here on the Gulf Coast.


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