Biloxi Police Have a New Way of Issuing Citations


Biloxi police are getting so fast at writing tickets that you can’t even read their hand writing. That’s because drivers that get pulled over will be receiving their citation typed out through new technology the Biloxi Police Department is using to make the process of writing tickets quicker.
Officers are already out on the roads using these electronic ticket writers. Police scan a driver’s license into the system and when the e-ticket is printed it also includes additional information about the traffic violation committed. Major Jim Adamo said, “It takes a fraction of the time to issue a citation than it did in the past. They are actually stopped for a less amount of time and the information they are given is a lot clearer, a lot more legible and they are given additional information on the citation if they have any questions about the citation.”
Biloxi police say getting officers back on the road quicker helps police keep a closer eye on traffic.


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