New Year Brings New Tools for Moss Point Police


2017 brings a whole new year and Moss Point police say they’re moving in the right direction.
The Moss Point Police Department has just installed 20 new L3 body cameras to assist officers in collecting evidence for investigations. These high quality cameras mount on their uniforms and allow police officers to record broad areas while out in the field.
The cameras were purchased through a justice grant. The Moss Point Police Department has also recently purchased eight new patrol vehicles through seizure funds. Patrol Commander Lieutenant Henry Bouganim tells News 25 this was much needed. “The new explorers are all-wheel drive so they handle better in the rain and especially in the ice. We had that ice storm like three years ago and our actual patrol cars weren’t able to make it up the bridge at one time. We won’t have that issue with our all-wheel drive explorers.”
The new police station is in its last phases of construction and is planned to be finished in May.
Moss Point police say this is the most officers they’ve had the department in the last four years.


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