2017 Conference On Human Trafficking


law enforcement and community members gather at the Biloxi Civic Center for the 2017 conference on human trafficking.
This event is targeted towards first responders and law enforcement because very often they are the first people human trafficking victims interacts with when trying to leave.
Advocates for Freedom is hosting the event and tells News 25 these incidents happen right here on the Coast and there are warning signs to look out for.Sharon Robbins with Advocates For Freedom said, “Girls or young boys that are being controlled by someone older than them is usually one of the first signs, or the fact that she is standing alone and it’s a strange kind of thing, like if you’ve seen girls standing on intersections right off the interstate with signs you can bet someone is watching them to see who approaches them.”
Guest speakers were from Shared Hope, Biloxi Police Department, and victims of human trafficking and their families.