New Police Cameras for Gulfport PD


A new perspective for Gulfport police officers: state of the art body cameras. Before the mass install, a handful of officers are field testing the equipment. News 25’s Laurene Callander reports.
Senior DUI Officer Blake Tucker is a seven year veteran in DUI enforcement, but even he is learning something new with the state of the art body cameras. “I’m not that big of a technical savvy guy so it took some getting used to, but we still have some learning curves with it, but I like it. I like the way it works.”
A handful of Gulfport officers have been testing the new body worn cameras since October. The way it works is it eliminates human error by automatically recording after certain triggers. OIC of Information Management Lt. Jeff Necaise said, “It’s set to run off of officer’s activity whether blue lights, sirens, opening doors, it is set to run as much automatically as possible.”
“It really takes the ‘he said, she said’ out of anything, what’s on video is on video,” said Tucker.
The body worn cams are quite the upgrade from the older, bulkier cameras inside the police cars. The smartphone on the officer is just one of the police perspectives. Not only do the cameras pick up what’s happening in front of the vehicles, but in the back seat as well. “It splits the screen so I can somewhat keep an eye on my prisoner while I’m driving,” said Tucker.
Body worn also offers a key feature which could possibly save an officer’s life. “Body worn sends out an alert to any officer in the area that I’m down and it gives them my location so they know exactly where to come to if I’m incapacitated and I can’t turn on my radio or key up my radio or notify somebody that I’m down,” said Tucker.
The department will see a mass install of 100 body cams in February.