Parents Protest after Alleged Bullying at Hancock Middle School


The parents of a Hancock County student seek disciplinary action after their child was allegedly bullied by her own teacher.
Carl Warrick’s 12-year-old daughter is a sixth grader at Hancock Middle School. She maintains good grades and loves going to school, but all of that changed after a recent interaction with her choir teacher.
“My daughter’s choir teacher told her that her parents don’t care about her or her grades.” It was that comment that prompted Carl Warrick and his wife, Christina, to seek disciplinary action against a long-time educator at Hancock Middle School. According to Warrick, the choir teacher threatened his daughter with zeros on assignments and repeatedly shamed her in front of a full class because she could not attend after-school events. “We don’t appreciate teachers doing things like that. We went and had a meeting with the principal and the teacher that said that and basically there’s going to be little to no resolve,” said Warrick.
The parents received the same answers after meeting with the superintendent and believe the teacher will not suffer any consequences because she plans to retire this Friday.
Frustrated with the district, they’re now turning to the community for help. Warrick and his wife started a petition to change how bullying by a teacher is handled in Hancock County. Protester Dylan Pouche said, “I saw it on Facebook at first and I felt really upset and if my child did go here, I would do the same thing that these parents are doing for their children.”
The parents plan to protest outside of the school every day this week in hopes to spread awareness about the petition and shed light on what they feel has been an issue for years. “If you’re coming to pick your child up at this school and you have an extra ten minutes between drop off and pick up, pick up a sign. You know, nothing’s going to get changed unless voices get heard,” said Warrick.
News 25 reached out to Hancock County Superintendent Alan Dedeaux. He says, “The district is aware of the allegations and officials are looking into the situation.”
You can sign and find out more information about the petition by visiting, search “Gehegan,” select “Protect our Children: Stop Teachers from Bullying Kids.”
If you’re interested in protesting, you can meet Carl and Christina on Stennis Airport Road before and after school hours.