Parents Protest after Alleged Bullying at Hancock Middle School


The parents of a Hancock County student seek action after their child was allegedly bullied by her teacher.
Carl Warrick’s 12-year-old daughter is a sixth grader at Hancock Middle School. She maintains good grades and loves going to school, but all of that changed after a recent interaction with her choir teacher.
According to her parents, the choir teacher told their daughter that her parents did not care about her or her education simply because the student could not attend after school events. They also claim the teacher threatened their child with zeros on assignments and continued to shame her in front of other students for not going to events.
The parents organized a meeting with the educator and the principal of Hancock Middle School, but say nothing was accomplished because the teacher plans to retire this Friday. “If she knows she did wrong and admits she did wrong and the only answer from the principal and the superintendent is that she’s retiring on Friday, that’s not good enough for me and my child. We’re going to do what we need to do to fix it,” said Warrick.
The parents met with the superintendent of Hancock County School District this morning, but say that meeting was unsuccessful as well.
News 25 reached out to Superintendent Alan Dedeaux this afternoon who says “the district is aware of the allegations and officials are looking into the situation.”
Warrick and his wife plan to protest every day this week and have now started a petition to change how bullying by a teacher is handled in the Hancock County School District.