The Gulf Coast Messiah Chorus Performs


Handel’s “Messiah” is one of the most famous musical compositions of all time, and the Gulf Coast Messiah Chorus performed the piece this weekend in honor of the holiday season. The chorus has been happening of the Mississippi Gulf Coast for 64 years, since the group’s first performance at Keesler Air Force base in December of1952. This year, Morning Star Baptist Church in Gulfport hosted one of the many performances that are open to the public, not only welcoming the Harrison Central High School choir to participate, but inviting young men from a local mentorship program to attend as well.

“I don’t know of a better way to bring in the Christmas season than to celebrate it with Handel’s Messiah. It’s one of George Handels great works, it’s played all over the world and for morning star and the city of Gulfport to be able to experience it is a great opportunity.”
– Deacon John R. Kelly

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“Huge congrats on the 64 years that they’ve been doing this choir program, but the mentoring program is incredible and to have something like that in the city of Gulfport and to have some of our employees involved with it is really special. These kids are getting a lot of culture, learning a lot, and that experience is something they’ll take with them for the rest of their lives.”
– Chris Vignes

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