Arkansas Head Coach Bret Bielema Weighs in on SEC vs. Big Ten


For a long time the Southeastern Conference has been revered as the best league in all of college football. But this year, the Big Ten is giving the SEC a run for its money.
Outside of top ranked Alabama, the SEC only has four other teams represented in the College Football Playoff rankings. The Big Ten has four teams in the top seven alone, one of which being Wisconsin where Bret Bielema used to be the head coach.
Now the head man at Arkansas, Bielema has added perspective on the matter, having spent the last four years in Fayetteville. “Well, the SEC is what it is. It’s its own unique animal. I think living in the West, at one point, I think we played 14 or 15 straight teams ranked in SEC West division. We kind of cannibalize one another, and I’m from that old league, it’s a great league, I was in the Big Ten. I played there, coached there, I was a coordinator there and a head coach and an assistant, played a lot of great games. I just think when you get into this division, you play the schedule you play, and it’s a unique animal unlike anything else I’ve ever seen. And you only really know it until you live it.”
At 7-5, the Razorbacks are bowl game eligible for the third straight season under Bielema.


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