St. Stanislaus Football Preview


Now a lot is being made of Brennan’s personal achievements, but his trophy case is still missing the final piece. That being the gold ball, twice having slipped away from SSC in the 4A state title game.
With a second round playoff game at Mendenhall looming large, the Rocks are now just four wins away from capturing that ever-elusive championship. On the flip side, they’re just one loss away from moving on to the after-life.
Perhaps a little dramatic, but that’s the win or go home approach Head Coach Bill Conides has his players buying into. “Absolutely, especially for our seniors. Every day is day closer to the end. We come out here and practice on Thursday and tell them ‘hey, make sure this is not your last Thursday practice on this field.”
“Like it was last week, it’s live or die you know? We have one more day really and it’s either we win and we keep going or we lose and we’re done. I feel like as a team that hit us. We realized that especially after losing state two years in a row,” said quarterback Myles Brennan.
Offensive lineman Mark Cooks said, “Every week, every Friday it is live or die. We like to think each week is a different season because if you lose it’s over and for our senior year, I’d like to go all the way.”
The Rock-A-Chaws have to travel to Mendenhall to take on the Tigers at 7 p.m. tomorrow. The winner of that game gets the winner of Poplarville and Quitman.