Mark Gladney on Congressional Race


Fourth Congressional District candidate Mark Gladney spent the final stretch of his campaign in Hancock County this afternoon.
The Democratic candidate says his focus is to continue to spread the message of change. He addressed recent statements about Incumbent Steven Palazzo’s military service and AWOL allegations.
Gladney delivered a promise to voters that if elected, he plans to be available, honest, and work with both political parties to bring all Mississippians what they deserve. “Most of the people are tired of Ds and Rs and they want results. They want people with character. They want people that represent them and that is exactly what I’m discovering everywhere I’m going. You ask how do you overcome it. You don’t hear me talk bad about the Republican people that are out there. I’m talking about our representative.”
Other candidates for the Fourth Congressional District include Republican Steven Palazzo, Libertarian Ric McCluskey and Shawn O’Hara of the Reform Party.

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