Memorial Hospital Using new Robotic Surgical System


New state of the art technology at Memorial Hospital allows minimally invasive producers for patients who choose it over traditional surgery. News 25’s Kristen Durand shows us how it’s done.
This may look like a scene out of a Dr. Seuss movie, but it’s actually the latest version of Da Vinci Robotic Surgical Technology now being used at Memorial Hospital. Medical Director of Robotic Surgeries Dr. Champs Weeks said, “Much less blood loss and we have extreme magnification with the camera and we’re able to do all the surgery very close to our eyes. We can see much better and do a better job.”
Memorial Hospital has used Da Vinci technology since 2010, but now with the latest system, the Da Vinci X-I, surgeons can perform complicated procedures involving the colon, kidney, uterus and more. It can even fold up a small paper airplane with precision. “The older machine we had to focus just on one area and then almost restart to move to another area. The new machine allows us to go to all of the areas of the body without moving the patient which helps with time and patient safety,” said Dr. Weeks.
Instead of having large open incisions, a surgeon makes a few small incisions using robotic technology, resulting in quicker recovery times and shorter hospital stays. “Basically, one of my patients said it best, it lets them get back to their life as fast as possible,” said Dr. Weeks.
Surgeons tell News 25 this technology also makes their lives a little easier. Surgeon Dr. Scott Blackburn said, “The other thing that it does is it lengthens the career of surgeons because we can sit down at the console versus standing up at the bedside. With the old fashioned laparoscopic approach we were holding instruments up and our arms are up so from that standpoint, now we’re sitting down at a console. Much more comfortable, much more ergonomic.”
If the thought of robotic instruments performing a medical procedure still causes you to hesitate, doctors say you still have the option to have the surgery performed by hand.


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