Mississippi Power Sparks the Minds of High Schoolers


More than 80 high schoolers from Mississippi’s three coastal counties were powered up today and plugged in to opportunities available to them in the energy industry. It’s called the Beam Event, an annual partnership between Mississippi Power and the American Association of Blacks in Energy.
News 25’s Kristen Durand sheds light on this year’s event.
It may be spaghetti and gumdrops, but tomorrow it could be bricks and mortar as these high school students learn about engineering and the many career opportunities open to them in the energy industry. Harrison Central High School senior Destine Clark said, “This is important because not a lot of people look at engineering as a job. When we come to stuff like this is just gives us a variety of different jobs and gets you more involved in what’s going on.”
Each year, Mississippi Power connects with the American Association of Blacks in Energy to get our local high school students amped up about science, technology, engineering and math, also known as STEM.
This year’s Beam Event has been an eye opener for Clark. “I do feel like I’ve learned a lot especially for the corporate side because I do marketing. I love to market so I feel like I could actually go into the engineering to tell about what goes on because a lot of people, they think engineering is just in the field. They don’t know the corporate and what all goes into it. Today they actually explained all that.”
Because today’s high school students are tomorrow’s work force. Mississippi Power Advertising Manager Brian Green said, “It’s real important that they not only know and have the book side of it, but we wanted to give information and equip them with how to perform well in interviews, how to work on resumes and build their personal brand. That’s been our biggest message.”