Art from Hurricane on Display at Museum


One Coast artist’s work proves beauty can be uncovered in the devastation of a hurricane.
Art is what an artist from Pass Christian saw in thousands of rodent skulls left after Hurricane Isaac tore up the beaches four years ago.
Artist Michelle Allee was intrigued by the skeletons, making characters and environments for them out of the hurricane’s remnants.
Teaming up with local photographer Ann Madden, who captured moving images from the storm, Allee was able to create a second life for the skulls to be displayed on the Coast. “These little guys started showing up on the beach and I just thought it was time to honor them. There is beauty after devastation. You sometimes have to look a little bit hard for it, but that’s what it was, the beauty of the beast,” said Allee.
That’s what the pop up show is called, “The Beauty of the Beast.” It’s on display at the Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art in Biloxi until Saturday.

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