KKK Flyer Found On Driveway


Douglas Myatt and his neighbors received KKK flyer on there driveway.

Douglas Myatt tells News 25, “I went out this morning to the front yard, just to look around and there was a plastic bag in the driveway with a piece of paper in it and it had a rock in it to keep it from blowing away.”

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Inside of that bag, ocean springs resident, Doug Myatt, found a flyer from a branch of the Klu Klux Klan.

The flyer included paragraphs filled with hate toward the LGBT community.

Douglas Myatt tells News 25, “I don’t know if we were targeted or not but I felt really threatened. It was really unsettling. I was very upset.”

Doug and his fiancé Brandon have lived in the area for years and this is the first time the couple has experienced anything like this.

Kendra Turley comments, “After speaking with neighbors, the couple realized they weren’t the only ones to receive the letter from the KKK. Multiple people on neighboring streets and on the same street received the same note in a plastic bag with a rock as well.”

Douglas Myatt tells News 25, “and I’m afraid they really believe the things that they’re saying. That’s what’s so terrifying. Is that that mentality continues to exist in 21st century in Mississippi.”

The ocean springs police department is collecting surveillance video from homes along the street to help identify the individuals responsible.

Lea Campbell, Mississippi Coalition tells News 25, “I just think that the KKK and all of these other hate groups are just cowards. And it’s our responsibility as citizens who disagree with them to call it out when this sort of thing happens. ”

The hateful words inside the flyer just solidified both Campbell and Myatt’s resolve to make the ocean springs community and the State of Mississippi a place where *all* types of people feel welcome.

Douglas Myatt tells News 25, “I’m not going to be quiet. And I’ve not been real quiet but I’m not going to be quiet anymore and I’m going to do anything I can to see that this comes to an end.”