Biloxi Lions Club 2016 Father of the Year


U.S. Air Force Vietnam veteran Dick Wilson is a father of five, grandfather of 11 and now the Biloxi Lion Club’s 2016 Father of the Year.
Wilson was chosen as Father of the Year because of his lifetime volunteer work for the welfare of children. He has served as Sunday school superintendent, coaching teen football and basketball programs for USAF and spent more than 30 years volunteering for the Boys and Girls Club.
His wife Jackie, daughter Kristina, son Marty, and good friend Steve Wilson were by his side as he accepted the award. “I didn’t live that life all the time, I was wild. I drove race cars and I drank and being a fighter pilot, of course, I had my wild days, too. When you know, you’re a friend of the lord, everything is great. He blessed me and let me have it along with a great family and great friends,” said Wilson.
In addition to his volunteer work, Dick Wilson has always been supportive and involved with his own five children from sports to boy scouts and girl scouts, swim teams and more. His wife, Jacqueline, says he was always there unless duty called.

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