Ryan’s Thursday Night Forecast


It has been an eventful week in weather so far for South MS, and the Thursday night forecast has even more active weather information for you. We’re already seeing a strong line of thunderstorms pushing through Central LA, and are expecting those to begin popping up in South MS as early as 2 AM. These storms have a “marginal” risk of severe weather associated with them, but as we learned Monday it doesn’t take much (or long) for a storm to become severe in South MS. Current model runs have the leading edge entering the Gulf South around 2:00-2:30 AM, and the initial line pushing out of Jackson Co. by around 8 am. These leading storms look to be the worst of it, but they won’t be the last as we’ll see a secondary line and scattered showers/storms throughout the day. A few showers may even linger over into Saturday morning, but we should begin to see clearing as early as the afternoon. Next week will start out with plenty of sunshine, blue skies, and drier air, but we’ll pay for it with an increase in temperature. Summer is officially right around the corner, and we’ll see temps reaching 90 for the first time as we move into the middle of next week.

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