Bald Eagle Flies Back Home


A bald eagle is back in its natural habitat, last spotted flying free above the Wolf River, but as News 25’s Gina Tomlinson shows us, his flight back to freedom in Pass Christian got off to a rocky start.
A creature of the wild is finally back home, but for Doobs the bald eagle, it wasn’t an easy flight back to good health, according to the Wild at Heart Rescue Team. President of Wild at Heart Douglas Pojeky said, “He has aspergillosis, which in my opinion, is kind of like pneumonia for birds where it has like a fungus in his lungs and we were able to treat it.”
Originally found along the Wolf River by a teenager on a four-wheeler, volunteers cared for the bird for a month. Monday afternoon, Doobs looked ready to return to his home. Wild life and nature lovers released the bird into the woods in Pass Christian. “I’ve never seen anything like that and he just embraced it when he flew up, it was just beautiful,” said Becky Ginn with the Landtrust.
Just after being set free, Doobs fell from the trees all the way to the ground, shocking the crowd and sparking a wild chase for his rescue. “Somebody said that he had fallen and I immediately wanted to make sure he hadn’t injured himself further,” said Pojeky.
That section of the Wolf River was a little deep and a little chilly but that didn’t stop the Wild at Heart association from making sure that Doobs was okay. “My first instinct was to just go so, I dove in and my country boy roots kind of just took over,” said Pojeky.
Thankfully, Doobs recovered and after springing into action across the river, Pojeky tells News 25 it was worth it. “We might see this bird again, but after how beautifully he flew off, we probably won’t.”
The group was reassured by one last glimpse of Doobs, soaring well above the trees and the river, right where he belongs.


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