Ryan’s Tuesday Afternoon Forecast


Tuesday afternoon’s forecast calls for the rest of the evening to remain pleasant with calming winds and clouds increasing through the night. Not too much is expected out of this increase, as the clouds will clear out quickly as we head into tomorrow afternoon, but they do foreshadow rain in the near future. We’ll see a slight chance of showers tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon and evening, with higher chances moving in Thursday and Friday. Right now the only “weather” expected are scattered moderate rain showers, but it is possible to see a random, isolated thunderstorm as well. The showers look as if they may linger around into early Saturday morning, but for the most part it seem the weekend will start off dry with clearing skies. The sunny, clear conditions continue into the weekend with gradual temperature increases leading to days right at or near 80 as we start of next weak with beautiful “spring-time” weather.