Pass Christian Student


Two Mississippi students are top youth volunteers for this year’s “Prudential Spirit Of Community” awards and one is very local.

Seventeen year old “Lindsey Meyer,” a senior at Pass Christian High School is receiving a one-thousand dollars award, *plus* a trip to Washington DC.

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The competition was out of 29-thousand young people across the country.

“Lindsey Meyer” won for her efforts working with local theaters to have special showings for people who have autism, ADHD and other sensory-related disorders.

Lindsey Meyer told News 25, “I kept seeing a bunch of kids getting kicked out of movie theaters, kicked out of planes, kicked out of broad way shows, just felt it wasn’t right so this was an opportunity to give them and their families an opportunity to sit together, enjoy a movie together and just have a normal experience.”

Meyer now has a silver medallion engraved for her achievements.

Twelve year old Jameshia Attaway of carver elementary in Indianola Mississippi also won.


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