Broadband Initiative Gains Momentum

Add Harrison County to the governing bodies that have hopped on the broadband bandwagon.
After a presentation from Biloxi Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich at this morning’s supervisors meeting, the board voted unanimously to join the effort to install a fiber optic ring along the Coast. Mayor Gilich, who is spearheading this effort, is hopeful now that Harrison County is on board that the other two coastal counties will follow suit so that this will be a unified effort to bring ultra-high speed internet to South Mississippi. “This broadband, this capability, this high speed access to the rest of the world is very important. So, we all need to have one message and that’s we’re looking forward to enabling all of our citizens and businesses to connect to the rest of the world at these high speeds,” said Mayor Gilich.
So far, Governor Bryant has pledged $5 million of BP money to go towards the initiative. Coast officials are hoping to get $10 million more which adds up to the estimated cost it would take to cover the whole Coast.

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