Red Tide Final Wrap Up

Sand Beach Authority collected 180 tons of dead fish and other debris since mid-December because of the red tide. Despite the current low levels of toxins in the water, some animals are undergoing rehabilitation, thanks to a nonprofit group.
News 25’s Laurene Callander gives us a final wrap up of the effects from the red tide.
Dead fish and lots of them, not to mention the other red tide victims that have washed up on our Coast beaches the past few weeks. So far, local Sand Beach workers have scooped up nearly 200 tons of debris and dead animals and are still working to clean up the remnants of the toxic algae bloom. Sand Beach Authority Director Chuck Loftis said, “This is monumental. We’ve never had to deal with this. DEQ and DMR have never seen anything like this. It goes from Florida all the way to Texas.”
But now, nearly one month after the red tide was first reported, the tide has turned for those who enjoy the sandy shores and gulf waters, namely in Harrison County where the beaches were closed for weeks. “All of the beaches are open. They were opened on Monday by DEQ. So, everything in Harrison County is now open,” said Loftis.
While Sand Beach Authority workers have cleaned up 180 tons of dead fish off our beaches, a few animals did make it to shore alive and are still recovering, thanks to local rescue workers. President of Wild at Heart Rescue Douglas Pojeky said, “This red tide is something that has been historic for us. We did everything that we could and the community really came together and helped us out as much as they could and it was fantastic.”
Volunteers with Wild at Heart Rescue responded to the call.Of the 16 birds they rescued, seven survived and are being nursed back to good health, to one day return to their home environment, clear of the toxic algae that nearly killed them.
Wild at Heart Rescue is hosting a fundraiser this Saturday, January 9th from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Happy Tails Veterinary Hospital on Popp’s Ferry Road in D’iberville where some local celebrities will depend on you to bail them out of the “dog house.”

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