Coast Lawmaker Weighs in on Gun Control

With the legislative session opening, state lawmakers are also voicing their stance on the president’s executive orders on gun control.
While the crowd at the president’s press conference yesterday embraced the new measures, such as stricter background checks and better enforcement of existing gun control laws, not everyone has embraced his strategy aimed at curbing gun violence.
Obama’s new executive orders have drawn fire from several groups and gun rights supporters, including the National Rifle Association who says it’s an assault on American’s Second Amendment rights to bear arms, a view seemingly supported by the majority of Mississippi’s lawmakers.
State Representative Manly Barton said, “They represent people all over the United States and that’s why Congress is there. They are there to enact the will of the people, so to speak, and at least have input from everybody on what the final solution is going to look like. This is not doing that in my opinion and certainly I think anything he does in that area is not going to be popular in Mississippi.”
The president’s executive order also calls for more money to be put toward mental health issues, as well as putting more ATF and FBI agents on the ground in an effort to better enforce background checks.

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