Neglected Dog on the Road to Recovery

Tonight, we share the heartwarming story of a local golden retriever, who is hoping for a new home as he embarks on this new, awe-inspiring chapter of life.
News 25’s Laurene Callander introduces us to Gus.
Gus is a seven-year-old Golden Retriever who’s beaten the odds. His spirit shines through as brightly as his golden coat that’s slowly growing back. He shares unconditional love with everyone he meets, without a thought of the disease that’s ravaged his body or the abuse and neglect he’s suffered at the hands of others. Dr. Michael Sheffield said, “He’s heart-worm positive. He had sarcoptic mange. He had a lot of intestinal parasites, he was emaciated. He had, his eyes were just about closed shut because he had so much pus gathered around the eyes, he couldn’t even see.”
When Gus first arrived at the hospital, he could barely get out of his crate. Now, he’s moving around, playing with his favorite tennis ball. “We heard him bark for the first time this week. There’s little things that are coming out that. As he realizes that he’s feeling better, his personality is really starting to shine,” said Dr. Sheffield.
The non-profit group, Tired Dog Rescue, found Gus and brought him to Lakeview to get the medical attention he deserves. Even though Gus has a long road to recovery, they hope he gets adopted within the year, so he will finally have a safe place to call home and receive the love he gives so freely. “Unconditional love,” Terry Casillas of Tired Dog Rescue. “That’s what dogs specialize in. You can see right now,” said Publio Casillas of Tired Dog Rescue. “Especially when they’re in this kind of shape, when you rescue a dog, there’s nothing like a rescue dog, I mean, they never forget,” said Terry Casillas.

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