Hit Songwriter from the Coast

While driving around listening to the radio, you may have heard Daya’s new hit song “Hide Away.” What you may not know is the person who wrote this song is Ocean Springs’ very own Brett McLaughlin.
News 25’s Laurene Callander introduces us to this Coast musician turned hit songwriter.
Fans tend to fall in love with musicians and the songs they share with the world but they often don’t know the person behind the music. One of these songwriters happens to be Brett McLaughlin, born and raised in Ocean Springs, now living in Los Angeles. His most recent success is “Hide Away” performed by Daya. “Last week alone, she did ‘Michael and Kelly’ in New York and two days later, she did the “Late Late Show” in LA with James Corden and the song is number 17 on iTunes right now overall and number 13 on top 40 radio,” said McLaughlin.
Brett is also responsible for the lyrics behind breakout artist Troye Sivan, who recently performed “Youth” for “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon”, a song written by the small town boy from Ocean Springs.
All of this success did not happen overnight. “I’ve been hustling in LA for seven and a half years, hustling in Nashville before that for five years and in high school, I was doing the most that I could with whatever opportunities were here,” said McLaughlin.
No matter what awards wind up on his selves, or what hit songs he writes, his family will always be his number one fan. Brett’s mother, Virginia McLaughlin, said, “Whether you become successful in your career, that’s ok. If you don’t, it’s ok. You’re a success because you’re our child and we love you and you’re a good person.”
“Even though it’s been a little while, I feel like I’m actually just getting started,” said McLaughlin.

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