United Way Women’s Initiative Luncheon

Today about 100 women gathered at Café Climb in Gulfport to learn more about Initiative 42 over lunch.
The United Way of South Mississippi’s Women’s Initiative is all about empowering women by educating them with the tools needed to roll up their sleeves and make a difference in our community. Today, they explained the Initiative 42 education funding ballot measure and state sponsored Alternative 42A, so they can make an informed decision at the ballot no matter which way they decide to vote.
United Way of South Mississippi CEO Cynthia Walker said, “We have decided, this group of women that have come together, that we don’t want to be trying to tell each other what to think. We want to give them informed information and they can have a decision that is the way they feel most importantly they should represent on that ballot.”
For more information on what your ballot will look like when voting on Initiative 42, you can visit the Mississippi Secretary of State’s website at sos.ms.gov.
For more information on the United Way Women’s Leadership Initiative, you can visit unitedwayms.org.

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