Customers Begin Claiming Mississippi Power Refunds

Good news for Mississippi Power customers. Today is the first day they can claim their Kemper refunds. Throughout the day, customers stood in line outside the customer service center applying for their refund as check or credit.
“You want a check or credit?” That was the question hundreds of Mississippi Power customers in downtown Gulfport waited in line to answer. Mississippi Power customer Angelia Chislom said, “It was quicker than I thought it would be, more or less, in and out. It moved just like you’re paying a bill. It was just that simple.”
Like Angelia Chislom, Rochelle Gaddis decided she wanted her money in the form of a lump sum check. “I hate the idea that it had to happen like it did for the company but I do want to say with the time we’re living in right now, economy wise, this is going to help a lot of us.”
One customer couldn’t even contain his excitement after seeing the amount of money he would be getting back.
As the first day came to a close, there were a total of 39,000 customers who made their decision. Bill Snyder with Mississippi Power Corporate communications said, “Twenty-six thousand did it online. Twelve thousand have done it either at one of our customer service centers or on our 1-800 customer service number. It’s been a very busy day.”
Now customers just have to decide how they’ll spend their refund when it comes in around December 4th.
If you didn’t apply for your refund check today, you still have until October 30th to do so. You can do this at the closest customer service center, online or by calling Mississippi Power’s customer service 1-800 number.


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