Hancock Bank Financial Cents Program

Today leaders from Hancock Bank were at West Wortham Middle School preparing eighth graders for financial independence, security, and success.
The Hancock Bank “Financial Cents” program is designed to empower young people with essential skills to make sound financial decisions. The web-based program allows students to participate in financial literacy games.
Throughout the program students learn about checking accounts, saving tips, understanding interest rates, the value of maintaining good credit and more. Retail/Sales Leader with Hancock Bank David Fayard said, “These things will help them in the future. It will help them with their college opportunities. It will help them with their future job opportunities and in general in life when they go buy their first car, their first house. We want to make sure they provide great information to these students so they can be better citizens in society down the road.”
Bank officials reward graduates with certificates after completing the program.

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