John McKay Reacts to Election

Today, District 5 Supervisor John McKay thanked the Singing River Health System retirees for the role they played in the election.
The citizens of Jackson County have spoken. After 16 years as District 5 Supervisor, McKay will not be returning to his seat on the board next year. He tells News 25 it has been an honor serving Jackson County and he looks forward to spending more time with his grandchildren.
“These people worked hard,” said McKay, “They did what they thought was right and I don’t hold any grudge whatsoever. They did what they thought was right and they got the people to vote with them. What I said was that God has opened and closed doors for me all my life. They played a part in that, so hey, I can say nothing but thank you for the part they’ve played in God closing one door and He’ll open another one down the line.”
Randy Bosarge beat out John McKay and Louie Miller with 51.1 percent of the votes.


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