Flooding a Major Concern This Week

This is just a small look at the heavy thunderstorms last night that dropped over 3 inches of rain in some locations, leaving some drivers stranded.
“We got 3 inches of rain in less than an hour and the run off couldn’t go anyplace the drainage system was inundated.”
With no place for the run off to go standing water on the roads have become a concern and in slick road conditions safety officials stress doing the little things.
“Automated lights may not come on and in that heavy rain last night if you didn’t have your headlights on, people couldn’t see your tail lights until you hit the brakes.”
The heavy rain isn’t just a concern for drivers, but for construction workers as well.
Mike Harter with MDOT says they work around the heavy rain to avoid safety concerns.
“We had planned to open our new interchange on Monday the 13th. Of course as everyone knows we had a lot of weather in the forecast not only for Monday but for the entire week. So in order to get past that, we have to open it early.”

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