Gov. Bryant Speaks at M.D.M.R. Promotion Ceremony

Monday, Governor Phil Bryant spoke at a promotion ceremony for the Mississippi Department of Marine Resource’s (M.D.M.R.) Marine Patrol officers.

The Governor emphasized how all law enforcement risk their lives each day for strangers, regardless of age, race, or political party. M.D.M.R. Marine Patrol officers have added dangers in their jobs, not only risking their lives, but doing so on the water. Chief Keith Davis encouraged his patrolmen to take pride in their promotion.

Davis says, “I challenge all of you to lead with integrity, fairness, compassion, and a commitment to the mission. Certainly you’re going to make mistakes and you’re going to hear from me, but make those mistakes with integrity in mind, and as long as you have integrity in mind, you can learn from the mistake.”

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Davis left the crowd with one final piece of wisdom, to never stop learning. He hopes his patrolmen continue to learn and get better at their jobs each and every day.