Mississippi Judges Take Oaths in Jackson County

Tuesday, eight Jackson County circuit, chancery, and county court judges took their oaths at the Jackson County courthouse in Pascagoula.

Eight judges raised their right hands in Jackson County to declare their oath, promising justice to the benches they will represent. Swearing in the judges was Mississippi Supreme Court Justice, Randy Pierce. Pierce says, "When I was called by Sarah Westbrook to come and administer the oath of office to these judges, who are not only great judges, but friends of mine, I was so pleased. To be here representing the Mississippi Supreme Court to swear in the circuit, chancery, and county court judges is just a great honor."

While seven of the judges will hold the same seat they did last year, one judge is taking his oath for the first time as a chancery court judge. Judge Michael Fondrens was recently elected and will serve as a chancery court judge for Jackson, Green, and George Counties. He will rule trials dealing with equity, domestic matters, and sanity hearings. He pledges to do what he can to be impartial. Fondrens says, "Just to treat people fairly, treat people with respect. You know, I’m going to be the best I can. You might not always make the perfect decision, but I’m going to try to do the very best I can to do that."

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Justice Pierce knows judge Fondrens personally. He has seen Judge Fondrens before his court when Fondrens was a lawyer. Pierce closes, "The most important criteria a judge can have, particularly a trial judge can have, is the demeanor, the way you treat people, and I know he has the demeanor to do an excellent job."

Judge Fondrens will serve as chancery judge for the next four years.