Rehabilitated Eagle Released into Skies After Physical Therapy

While you’re outside, you may look up to see a beautiful sight. Nine months after flying into a distribution line in Biloxi, an eagle named Canaan is back flying the friendly skies.

She was released at Wild at Heart Rescue in Vancleave. Canaan suffered soft tissue damage to her left wing. The folks at Wild at Heart Rescue gave her medication to alleviate the pain and provided her with physical therapy until she was fully recovered.

Douglas Pojeky, President of Wild at Heart Rescue, says, “Well it was kind of bittersweet. With an animal of this magnitude, I mean, I spent 20 years in the military. That eagle means so much to me. To be able to assist that eagle in its process of getting back out, it was just, it was amazing.”

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Mississippi Power teams up with Wild at Heart when dealing with birds that may have been injured by the company’s electrical equipment.


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