Mayor Billy Hewes Addresses Business Community

Friday morning, Mayor Billy Hewes gave his annual address to Gulfport’s business community.

Mayor Hewes made sure to keep it light and fun as he gave his address. He addressed how development in Gulfport is flourishing, with new business licenses issued up by 29% and new residential development up by 27%. He also touched on all the exciting things to come to the city in the upcoming years.

Hewes says, "Gulfport’s on a roll. A lot of people don’t realize that with the vibrancy that we’re seeing, it’s not just in part of the city. We have a lot of development all over. We have over half a billion dollars in development going on in Gulfport right now, so it’s a great success story. We have good leadership and I think it’s being reflected on how folks are coming here to work, live, and play."

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Prior to the Mayor’s speech, the Gulfport Chamber of Commerce recognized four of Gulfport’s first responders for their service to the community, including the two detectives who ran the Janaya Thompson murder case back in July.