H.S.S.M. Receives Big Donation from Spherion Staffing

Monday, the Humane Society of South Mississippi (H.S.S.M.) received a generous donation from the Gulfport office of Spherion Staffing Services.

Spherion presented a $1,000 check to H.S.S.M. as part of the company’s national Community Give Back Program. The owner of Spherion, Christy Strawbridge, says she chose to give back to H.S.S.M. because she supports the organization’s mission to protect animals from cruel, neglectful treatment.

Strawbridge says, “The Give Back Program is to help those who can’t help themselves. I keep saying it. We need to be more responsible as pet owners. It would be nice one day not to have a humane society, if everybody could take care and know it’s a lifelong commitment. When you get them as puppies, puppies are cute, but they turn into dogs. So it’s a lifelong commitment, and if you do it right, they could be your buddy, they could be your best friend.”

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Spherion launched the Community Give Back Program to thank their communities and to help advance the important work of local charitable organizations.