Sec. of State Presents Check for Coastal Restoration

Our coastal tidelands projects are always in need of work, and Wednesday, the Secretary of State, Delbert Hosemann, had a hand in helping.

Hosemann presented the Mississippi Gulf Coast Legislative Delegation and the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources (M.D.M.R.) with a check for $9.5 million to benefit Coast residents. This year’s check is a few million dollars larger than it was last year. The Deer Island pier project will benefit from the fund money, as well as the coastal harbors.

Jamie Miller, Executive Director of M.D.M.R., says, “Well I can’t overstate how important the Tidelands Trust Fund is to the Coast. It represents the largest annual investment in our coastal wetlands infrastructure, public access to those coastal lands, and also manage projects.”

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Hosemann says, “They’re doing long term, generational things with the money. For example, finishing the acquisition of Deer Island. That’s a short term thing to keep people here one more day, but it’s also a long term thing. It’ll be here forever.”