Travis Childers Visits Bay St. Louis for Some Campaigning

Friday, Democrat Senate hopeful, Travis Childers, was in Bay St. Louis campaigning.

Recently, Childers became the first Democrat to sign an anti-amnesty pledge provided by the Federation for American Immigration Reform. According to the Washington Post, he promised he would oppose all legislation that would: increase legal immigration, increase guest workers admitted to the United States, and grant work authorization to illegal aliens. 

By signing the pledge, many have speculated Childers is trying to appeal to supporters of Chris McDaniel, but Childers tells News 25 he is trying to appeal to all voters.

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Friday, News 25 asked Childers why he supported this pledge. Here’s what he had to say: “Our unemployment in this state is 30% higher than the national average. We need to be about helping Mississippians work, period. So until our unemployment is back down closer to the normal, I stand by that.”

Childers is running against Republican incumbent, Senator Thad Cochran, in the November 4th general election.