Heavy Rainfall Possible This Weekend

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (M.E.M.A) wants to remind Mississippians to be prepared for heavy rainfall with the potential for flash flooding on Saturday into Sunday.

The National Weather Service says that some areas of Mississippi could see rainfall up to three inches and locally higher in some areas. Showers and thunderstorms are possible, producing heavy downpours as a low pressure system moves north from the Gulf of Mexico.

“Flash flooding can be extremely dangerous, so our goal is to make sure all of our residents are prepared,” said M.E.M.A. Executive Director Robert Latham. “Most deaths and injuries occur when motorists drive into flood waters of unknown depths. Remember the simple rule, ‘Turn Around, Don’t Drown.’”

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Remember these steps if flooding occurs in your area:

• If you come in contact with floodwater, wash your hands with soap and disinfected water. Floodwater may carry raw sewage, chemical waste, and other infectious substances.
• Avoid walking through floodwater.
• Don’t drive through a flooded area or an area that has rising water.
• Avoid downed power lines because electric currents pass easily through water.
• Look out for animals, especially snakes. Animals lose their homes in floods too.

Even a small amount of moving water can be dangerous. As little as six inches of moving water can knock pedestrians off their feet. A foot of water will float moving vehicles, and two feet of rushing water can carry away most vehicles, including sport utility vehicles and pick-up trucks. Flash flooding is a result of sudden, heavy rainfall commonly produced from slow-moving intense thunderstorms and can occur with little warning.

Residents should monitor their local National Weather Service office or WXXV25 for forecast information and updates.

For detailed preparedness information, go to M.E.M.A.’s website at www.msema.org. The best way to get up-to-date information is to like M.E.M.A. on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter.