Channel Dredging at Port of Gulfport is Right on Schedule

The Port of Gulfport has exciting news: the channel dredging is on schedule. The Army Corps of Engineers was delayed in sailing in, but is now right on time.

Dredging the Gulfport Channel the full 36 feet will allow larger ships to come into the port. A deeper channel also makes the port more enticing for future tenants, and with the dredging moving along on schedule, new tenants could be coming soon.

Jonathan Daniels, Executive Director and C.E.O. of the Mississippi Port Authority, says, “They’re right on schedule. They are not seeing any problems in removing the material. It’s a silty, sandy mixture. They’ve moved through on a little bit more than a mile already and that puts them right on schedule to be done around the end of 2014, first week of 2015.”

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