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Story of AvaLynn Harris Continues
The story of AvaLynn Harris has, with the help of social media, gone international. Monday night, at the Pascagoula School District’s regularly scheduled meeting, the district will move forward with plans to improve the safety of their schools.

For the last few weeks, eyes across the nation have been on the Pascagoula School District regarding the highly publicized playground incident involving AvaLynn Harris. Many expect Monday night’s regularly scheduled school board meeting to address some of the parents’ lingering concerns about the safety of their children.

An online petition to install cameras in and around each school has been circulating, and has collected nearly 1,300 supporters, because despite the district and the Pascagoula Police Department’s statements that AvaLynn’s injuries were the result of an accident, some people believe the injuries were the result of an assault by another student. Last week, the school district announced plans to install surveillance cameras at all elementary school playgrounds in the Pascagoula district.

In a statement last week, the Pascagoula School District said: "As an extra security measure, the district is proceeding with the installation of surveillance cameras at all elementary school playgrounds in the district. By taking this proactive measure, we want to provide parents with another safeguard in place while their children are at recess."

The district will continue to use cameras on school busses and inside school buildings as well. Unofficial reports have claimed that AvaLynn was assaulted by another student, but Pascagoula Police said earlier in a statement, that if a 5 year old assaults another, it is not a criminal act under Mississippi law.

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